At Serviceplan Public Relations & Content, public relations embraces the following subdisciplines:

_ Brand and product PR

_ Corporate Branding

_ Corporate communications

_ Financial communications

_ Internal communications

_ Change communications

_ Theme management

_ Personality profiling

_ Online-PR

_ Crisis management

_ Public Affairs

_ Guerilla PR

_ Coaching und training



What do you really want? Waste paper or a readable magazine?

Serviceplan Public Relations & Content develops and produces customer and
in-house magazines, image brochures and business reports
that really are read – from the complete editorial concept all the way
to professional magazine design and technical production, including
printing and logistics.

Serviceplan Public Relations & Content offers advice and support in the following areas:

_ Magazine development and production

_ Corporate reporting concepts

_ Business report analysis, development and optimization

_ Book editing

_ Sourcing of authors

_ e-Publishing



PR via the world wide web is governed by different rules and requires
new technologies to match the dynamic evolution of this platform.

Serviceplan Public Relations & Content draws on many years’ experience of this communications channel – whose impact is frequently underrated –
and has developed tools and processes for designing measurable target-led communications.

_ No-win no-fee online PR

_ Weblogs

_ Web leader relationship 

_ Fansite relations

_ Affiliate site development

_ Evaluation / net screening